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Thursday, September 18, 2003
Why the Democrats hate democracy

Facts are uncomfortable things. The fact that socialism inevitably slides into some sort of totalitarianism is an especially uncomfortable fact for Democrats. Democrats are essentially socialists -- they seek centralization of the economy, control over free speech, etc. -- and therefore are not big fans of democracy. Why? Because socialism requires the arrogance to believe that you have the Truth. And if you have the Truth, then anything that stands in the way of the Truth -- including the will of the people -- must become secondary.

Which is why the Democrats appeal to the court system whenever they have any problem convincing Americans that socialism is the way to go. See my latest column for a full explanation.

Monday, September 15, 2003
A bet worth taking?

The Democrats had a choice in the California recall election. They could play the hand they were dealt -- namely, carrying through the legally-mandated election process. Or, they could go whine to the courts.

They whined to the courts. And, as is becoming very familiar, the courts caved to their whining. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a ruling that would postpone the recall election until March. Why? Because punch-card voting machines violate the equal-protection clause of the Constitution. According to the liberals, voters are idiots and will not fill out their cards correctly, thereby invalidating the one-person-one-vote rule. It just so happens that these punch-card machines are located in prominantly minority areas.

What a mockery. Liberal scorn once again rears its ugly head. Liberals believe that minorities are so stupid that they cannot fill out punch-cards. My 9-year-old sister could fill out a punch-card. In fact, I'd bet that Barbra Streisand could even fill out a punch card. I don't believe that minorities are too dumb to fill out punch cards, but maybe that's just me.

Here's the good news: the Supreme Court will likely overturn the ruling. This time, the Ninth Circuit has gone too far, butting into state business. The Supremes will not tolerate this. The recall will go through. And the Dems will not be happy with the results. This debacle has re-energized the Republican base, a base that was too busy worrying about McClintock vs. Schwarzenegger to focus on beating Bustamante and Davis. Now the Democrats have placed themselves front and center, right in the sites of the Republican voters. Look out. Here comes a Republican governor!

Wednesday, September 03, 2003
Latest column

Here's my latest column, discussing the MTV Video Music Awards, and specifically the Madonna-Spears-Aguilera lesbian lovefest. I'm not surprised that these publicity whores did what they did. I'm just disappointed that it's marketable, which it assuredly is. Pictures of the kisses hit front pages all over the country. Slow news day? Or a symptom of a deeper societal ill?