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Wednesday, August 20, 2003
My conversation with Rev. Al Sharpton

Today I spoke with the Rev. Al Sharpton. Really. I was on the excellent Keith Larson Show on WBT radio in North Carolina this morning, discussing the recall. About 15 minutes into the interview, who should call but the Rev. At first, I thought that Mr. Larson was joking. After a few seconds, I realized he wasn't. Sharpton really was on the line. Mr. Larson introduced me to Sharpton. I can't be exact with the transcript, since I don't have the radio appearance on tape. To the best of my recollection, my conversation with Sharpton went something like this:

S: Hi, Ben.

B: Hello, Mr. Sharpton. It's nice to meet you.

S: You too.

B: Mr. Sharpton, I have a couple questions for you. Why didn't you pay up in the Tawana Brawley case? And what was your role in inciting a crowd to violence against Jews in Crown Heights?

S: You know, Ben, as a syndicated columnist, you should check your facts. You could get sued for asking questions like that. (Sharpton then went into a monologue defending himself.)

Keith Larson: Ben, it's ok. We don't need to get into this again -- I did this with him last week.

B: Ok, sorry, didn't know that. By the way, Mr. Sharpton, I think those are fair questions.

S: No they're not.

Mr. Larson went on to interview Sharpton for another ten minutes or so. At the end, Mr. Larson asked me if I had anything to say to Sharpton.

B: Two things. Number one, I hope you win the Democratic nomination, Mr. Sharpton, and if I were a Democrat I'd vote for you. And number two, if you want to sue me, you go right ahead and try to get the $5 in Bar Mitzvah money I've got in my bank account.

S: (chuckling a bit uncomfortably) No, Ben, I'm not gonna sue you. I'm glad I got to have this back and forth with the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the country. That's what makes this country great.

B: I appreciate it, Mr. Sharpton.

Final thoughts: Sharpton was articulate, charismatic, and generally likeable (although his veiled threat to sue was less than charming -- a rather bad habit). I hope he wins the Democratic nomination.

My new column

The latest piece, "Militant gay English on the rise", is generating quite a bit of e-mail. Find out why for yourself.

Monday, August 18, 2003
Al-Qaeda lies

Remember when Democrats traveled to Baghdad and said that Saddam Hussein (and Islamists like him, presumably) had more credibility than President Bush? I doubt they'll re-evaluate that, even after Al-Qaeda claims that they're responsible for the East Coast Blackout today. Al-Qaeda refuses, however, to explain just how they did that, claiming they will use similar methods in the future. In other news, Al-Qaeda also claimed responsibility for my stubbed toe, explaining that "the Sheikh had commanded us to strike at the feet of that Zionist pig, may Allah destroy him."

Sunday, August 17, 2003
Radio tomorrow -- don't miss it!

I'll be on the Scott Hennen Show on WDAY 970 in Fargo, ND tomorrow at 9:40 PST to discuss Ah-nold. I'll be debating Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition on whether or not to vote Schwarzenegger. It should be informative and entertaining. I believe you can hear it over the internet if you so desire.

Why I'm voting for Arnold

When I wrote this the other day, I was flooded with e-mails both supportive and opposed. Read my column discussing the topic. I think Arnold will be good for the California GOP and he certainly couldn't be worse for the state than a Democrat governor.

Thursday, August 14, 2003
The blogging will be fast and furious

I'm sorry to all those readers who have been expecting blogging this week -- right now, I'm in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My father and two of my sisters and I are driving a car back from Chicago to LA. There's a ton to blog about when I get back -- my new column, time in Chicago, and of course, the road trip. I can't wait to do it! Keep an eye on the blog, since I'll get back in town Friday. Whether I'll have time to blog before Shabbat (Sabbath) is another story, but even if I can't I promise to get down to business next week.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003
The latest

Here's the latest column. Because my beloved home state is quickly being flushed down the toilet, I have constructed a quiz to save California. If you pass the quiz, please move here. If not, get out.

In other news, I spent an enjoyable morning in the Salem Communications studios, sitting in on Kevin McCullough's show. He's a terrific fellow, and his show is terrific as well. Everyone should read his blog daily.