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Monday, April 14, 2003
Breaking News

NEWSFLASH: The UCLA Academic Senate has just voted for a resolution to condemn the war in Iraq -- after the war is already over! On the same day that the Bush Administration declared that heavy fighting was done, a group of UCLA faculty members passed the following resolution:

We, the faculty members of the University of California Los Angeles, say to the President of the United States, that we:

1. condemn the United States invasion of Iraq;
2. deplore the doctrine of preventive war the President has used to justify it (sic) the invasion;
3. reaffirm our commitment to addressing international conflicts through the rule of law and the United Nations;
4. oppose the establishment of an American protectorate in Iraq; and
5. call for the establishment of a post-war representative government in Iraq, answerable to the United Nations, which guarantees to Iraqis inalienable personal, political and civil rights.

More than 200 members of the Academic Senate requested the special session of the Senate. Of the 196 members who voted on the resolution, a grand total of 7 voted against the resolution. Nine abstained. An astounding 180 faculty members voted for the resolution. For those of you in San Francisco, that's about 92% voting against war in Iraq, 3.5% voting for war, and 4.5% abstaining. Those numbers look like Saddam Hussein's election results. These people are teaching college students at UCLA.

NOTE: Watch for my column, which should come out tomorrow night on Townhall.com -- I'm going to interview some of these wackos and find out what is going on.