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Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Oy, gevalt!

It's been a month since I last blogged. Wow. Well, I hope that this sporadic blogging won't continue; I'm looking forward to blogging at a more regular pace. In the month since I last blogged, war in Iraq has begun (good), Saddam Hussein has shot American POWs (the bad), and Michael Moore has made an idiot of himself, as usual (the ugly).

I was in NY last week, and I've got to say that I'm not a huge fan. The city is too crowded for me, I guess. Perhaps it also has to do with the fact that I stayed at a horrifically bad hotel (the Manhattan Broadway Hotel -- if you go there, make sure to take clean sheets and shampoo -- they're not provided).

I also visited the WTC site and said some Tehillim. If you've never been there, you have no idea how gigantic the structures were, especially in terms of breadth. I think that some of the emotion of the site must have been lost now that it looks like a gigantic construction site. It was difficult for me to make the mental connect between the events on television on 9/11 and the humongous hole that stood before me, where the remains of my countrymen and their murderers lay. May God bless those who were lost, and may he grant us the strength to eradicate those who wish to duplicate the atrocities of September 11.