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Sunday, October 20, 2002
Master terrorist alive and well?

Debka is reporting that Osama Bin Laden is alive and well and hanging out with -- you guessed it -- our good friends, the Saudis. If this is true, it should be made public immediately. It's about time to watch the two-faced Saudis squirm as they explain how they are American allies and that Bin Laden perverts Islam.

Top 3 Columns For Today

Here's a fascinating column by David Limbaugh. His take on the Establishment clause is right on the money -- too many people think that by granting various religious institutions tax-exempt status, the government is establishing religion. Get real! If your local church doesn't pay taxes, are you worried that they will soon control the government?

Check out this excellent Mark Steyn piece about the isolationist tendency of the US media. He takes Peter Jennings (also known as Mr. Hanan Ashrawi) to task, which is always fun to watch.

I normally don't read Robert Novak because I disagree with his virulently anti-Israel stance, but his latest column reports some intriguing news, especially regarding Max Cleland and Ahh-nold.

Saturday, October 19, 2002
Might over Right in Anaheim

All the omens were in favor of the Angels. It didn't matter. The San Francisco Giants beat Angels ace Jarod Washburn 4-3 tonight. This series was about culture clash between liberal and conservative, but Barry Bonds reminded us that it was still baseball, not politics, with his second-inning home run off of Washburn. Somebody tell the Angels to pitch around this guy! He's too pumped up on steroids and adrenaline to feed him 90 mph fastballs down the pipe.

The worst columnist on the planet strikes again!

The NY Times has a stable of uniquely terrible columnists. They have a former theater critic critiquing politics(Frank Rich) and a foreign policy expert who has been wrong on every issue for the last two decades (Thomas Friedman). But the worst of them all is Maureen Dowd. She'll prove it tomorrow with another in a long line of pathetic opinion pieces. As Matt Drudge reports, Dowd's Sunday column will characterize President Bush as a "boy emperor." This following on the heels of previous triumphs like comparing the President's cabinet to teen cheerleaders. Dowd's fixation with the President as "boy" and "teen cheerleader" opens the possibility of some deep, dark Freudian secret hidden within the ruins of Dowd's mind. Here's the text of her latest stupidity.

Friday, October 18, 2002

The Ultra-Orthoblog Grand Opening

Welcome to the Ultra-Orthoblog, the official Ben Shapiro website! Watch as I go scorched earth each and every day on the topics du jour. From the PC strongholds of college campuses to the Middle East and from Washington to LA, I'll cover it and give my own spin on the issues. I'll also link the most interesting news and commentary of the day. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts as well -- please use the E-mail Ben link to the left. Thanks, and again, welcome . . . it's time for some hard-line blogging.