Market Trading Insurance Always

The greatest reduction of the massive insurance and a individual insurance review has being in voluntary medical, automobile and liability insurance since the last year. Payments for trading insurance policies remained the same because of the online trading growth. Financial insurers showed mixed trends. The state of the trading insurance market depends on the unstable economic situation in the world, and experts expect a slowdown in international trading insurance for another 3-4 years.
There will be regulators on a basis of insurers rating systems. This will be done on the basis of analysis of 12 indicators of companies, including the number of complaints received by insurers. Insurance reserves, as before, can be related to total costs. However, the UK proved the impossibility of transferring them to the payment of 20% tax on profits. A key relief for them can become an extension the term of charging current for one year.

Insurance market remains attractive for investors, but it's not very interesting for non-residents of some countries. According to a study by Ernst & Young, the level of interest of European investors is varied and changes rapidly. Professionals of the trading insurance market must have their own view, close to the reality of the future of the economy in general and insurance in their county in particular. Activities to attract investment for any insurance organization are useless without this plan.

Therefore, an active discussion on the development of insurance business on the pages of scientific and analytical publications, in print and electronic media, the scientific and practical conferences are welcome. Despite the fact that some insurance experts and practitioners do not have enough knowledge of the realities of modern economics and understanding of the domestic insurance market, the sustained attention of suitably qualified experts to the insurance issues could potentially lead to the creation of conditions for the development of the insurance business.